Ready to Take Your Trading to the Next Level with your WinWayCharts?

September 7, 2022 – 3pm to 7pm London time, four hour in-depth webinar

covering these in-depth topics, crucial to your successful trading.

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Session 1  – Power tools and features in your WinWayCharts and how to use them

Color Studies, Overlays, Custom Indicators, Seasonality, and Matchmaker. These are important and powerful tools in your WinWayCharts. In this session, we’ll show how to set a Color Study and why, what Overlays are useful for, and more.  Learn how these tools will save you time and how they contribute to your trading decisions. Darren’s 3 favourite Bullish/Bearish strategies will be used as the basis for the color study.

Session 2 – Darren’s Indicators and how to apply them

Some indicators are more reliable than others. In this session, we’ll look at some of the nuances of MACD WinWay, RSI WinWay and the CCI indicators and how they add confidence to our trading decisions. We’ll explore these 3 indicators in-depth with examples of them in action in the stock market.

Session 3 – Exchange traded funds rotation strategy so you never have to go short

Using the reports in WinWayCharts we’ll look at a tried and tested ETF rotation strategy that is simple and yet effective at getting you in the right market segment at the right time. This strategy is simple to execute and has consistently beat the market over multiple years. While this strategy doesn’t replace your regular trading, it’s a good place to consider for a segment of trading.

Session 4 – Live Trading using Darren’s Favorite Candlestick Strategy and ETF Strategy

Starting from Market Timing, then moving to the Darren’s 3 Favourite Candlestick Strategy and the ETF Rotation Report, we’ll look for candidate stocks. Using the WinWayCharts indicators we’ll look to confirm the best of the best stock and ETF candidates to place trades with stops using a live trading account.

Your Presenters:  Ray Foreman UK director WinWayCharts and, Steve Hill, CEO AIQ Systems, and founder WinWayCharts


Master Trading with WinWayCharts Webinar 

September 7, 2022

Early bird pricing now in effect save over 20%

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includes all handouts in PDF and access to recordings