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Darren Winters' Preferred Trading Analysis Platform

  • We provide a comprehensive analysis platform tailored for Darren’s indicators, settings, and strategies

  • Our knowledgeable staff is available for support over phone or email and has extensive application and trading experience

  • Additionally, we offer high-quality videos on how to utilize Darren’s methods in the platform

  • Moreover, we are highly attentive and regularly create new videos and host free webinars every couple of weeks

  • The initial month of software and data updating is offered for only $1.

‘We’re here to help you apply what you’ve learned through Darren’s instruction into actionable trading success’  Stephen Hill, founder WinWayCharts

State-of-the-art charting

Multiple time frame charts. with color barometer snapshot of every indicator. Build lists of tickers to chart and quickly scan through hundreds of stocks just like Darren does.

Exclusive UK Groups/Sectors

View charts of any of the UK350 stocks. One click from any of the UK350 stocks to view a chart of it’s industry group.
One click from any of the 33 UK industry group charts to view it’s parent industry sector chart

Run Darren's custom scans

Defining, creating and testing a Trading strategy has never been easier. Plus Apprentice program attendees can run Darren’s trade scans everyday.!

Built-in Reports

Over one hundred built-in reports, unparalleled power at your fingertips, including Relative Strength, Persistence of Money Flow, Moving Average Crossover, Volume Spike, Volatility analysis, In depth market analysis.

Darren's Custom Indicators

Configured to Darren’s specifications. the WinWay custom indicators are just as Darren uses throughout the Apprentice Program.

Strategy creation and testing

Defining, creating and testing a Trading strategy has never been easier. WInWay TradingExpert’s Expert Design Studio and Portfolio Simulator allow both novice and expert investors to fine-tune their Trading strategy real time or end of day.


30-day Trial ONLY $1


“I can tell TradingExpert what I’m looking for , turn my screen off and go home. It has a built-in clock and at the appropriate hour it calls my data service, upgrades my stocks, and does all the searches at night.”

Brad McWilliams, Broker

“The market timing signals are very, very good. It’s unbelievable how good they are. I also look at the Market Log every day. It tells you which groups are bullish or bearish and to what extent.”

Nicholas Williams, Individual Investor

“….The charting function of the program is excellent. It is no wonder that Dan Zanger likes it. It combines stunning graphics with an easy to use interface, indicator and Color Barometer for each chart.”

Larry Jacobs, Editor Tradersworld magazine

“I update all my end of day charts about once every hour during market hours so I can see how my patterns are unfolding during the day and how new patterns are setting up for the next day before the market closes.”

Dan Zanger,

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