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I believe TradingExpertPro is an excellent software and if it comes highly recommended by Darren, there is nothing more for someone with limited experience as I am, can realistically say.

What I would like to point out here is a stellar level of support from the UK support team. I have had several interactions with them since the beginning of the year, all of which were to my utmost satisfaction.

This means that instructions are very precise, to the point where you can read thru once, and regardless of how many steps you need to take, everything works on the first try.

The communication skills are excellent – and we all know how difficult it is to communicate in writing. Having in mind that English is not my first language, that should say a lot about the support skills. Always polite and patient with many questions I had.

I believe the support team is a real asset to the WinWay team and would like to take this opportunity to thank them one more time.

Best regards,


Aleksandra K

90% of my income comes from trading and one of the most important factors for me is to know which way the market is heading.  The market timing signals are excellent.  Group rotation is also very important and the group analysis capability is a powerful feature of  TradingExpert – it’s the only software that has it.

The TradingExpert reports take a lot of the drudgery out of analysis.   About three fourths of your basic analysis is automatically done by the program’s reports.  My favorites are Expert Analysis, Weighted Action List, Short Term Price Change, Persistence of  Money Flow  (a fantastically good report), Price Volume Divergence, and Volume Spike – they’re all good in their own respect. I’ve tried many other programs and TradingExpert is by far the best program around.

Dr. Jerald Morganstein, Individual Investor Naples, FL

What impresses me about this software is that most of the important features of software are available in this program.  It is ideal for beginners like me who want to learn the terms that are used in the stock market.

With the stock system testing we can make good decision when trading stocks online. This program is quite useful most especially when it comes to managing great risks.  This is also cheap and you can get great services for a low price per month.


….the screening language is far less difficult than the programming language used with many other technical analysis software programs..

David Penn, Staff Writer at Stocks & Commodities

I teach technical analysis, and give my students a list of all products from $60 on up.  I tell them, as you get better at what you do, you are going to need TradingExpert Pro.

If you want to be successful at investing like I have been – you need the best product possible.  I think the best product possible is TradingExpert.

Volume, trendlines, and moving averages – you can make money with these, and TradingExpert makes it easy to use them.  It facilitates my being able to find what I want in a quick manner.  TradingExpert is reliable.

The charts are accurate, and the information is dependable. With all the other software out there, I definitely recommend AIQ.

Hugh Beatty, Individual Investor, Los Angeles, CA

What really strikes me about TradingExpertPro is that they have a focused section of group and sector tools.  Most beginning investors and traders don’t bother to take these indicators into account, but they are so very important.  Actually, before I do anything else, I always look at the sectors first.  If a sector is cold I don’t go near it with a ten-foot pole.

I don’t care what some analyst is saying about it on the tube; if its peers are tanking then I don’t want anything to do with it.  The first step is to narrow down and only consider the hot sectors.  Narrow it down to the top two or three.  Then and only then do you start analyzing individual stocks within those groups.

This works in your favor most of the time because even if you time your entry a little bit wrong the sector lift and volume will save you anyway.


TradingExpert Pro is a complete trading platform that has been built for an active trader which is available at very low fees. It performs all the basic functions like calculating end of day data, real time alerts, trading system design and back testing and much more. It is one of the top notch programs available at the present moment in the market. All the services are excellent and together with the amazing features it is highly desired.

The market information which TradingExpert Pro allows to scan is stocks, industrial groups, cash markets, mutual funds and indices. With so much range it holds the trader’s interest and provides a virtual edge. It also scans various types of data like Intraday data, end-of day data, fundamental data and finally historical data.

Indicators and charts are also an integral part of any trading platform and in TradingExpert Pro it is given special importance. The language used to create custom indicators and color coded studies is quiet easy to use, which is important for all the traders.

There is a huge variety of charts which can be easily understood and acted upon. Charts include bar charts, candlestick charts, line charts, Market profile, Overlay charts and Point and figure. All these are so efficient and logical in nature that the trader has nothing else to care for.

The charting features include Andrews pitchfork , Bollinger bands, Gann lines, angles, squares, Horizontal lines, linear regression lines, log scale, manual drawing, unattended chart printing, user-defined chart groups, volume, multiple windows, and ability to write text on charts.

There is an all important alert system which alerts the user whenever the stock is reaching some pre determined level. The technical indicators list is very long and all are very vital. Some of them are commodity channel index, Absolute breadth index, advance decline ratio,  daily volume indicator, Directional movement, momentum, rate of change, Swing index,  Price volume trend. The list is endless and we have about 200 plus indicators ready to help traders. The ranking is based on ranking based on Drawing Tools, Indicator and studies, Technical systems and Fundamental data. The alerts are both displayed on charts as well as tables.

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