Updated SP500 groups and sectors

Updated regularly

The 2018 updated SP500 Group and Sector structure for WinWay TradingExpert is now available

This completely updated structure is updated regularly.  The old SP500 structure in your platform will be replaced if you choose to install the update. A complete list of the S&P 500 component stocks is available in Wikipedia

  • We recommend you backup your existing /wintes32 and subfolders before installing any new data
  • If you have customized or multiple data folders, please note the group and sector files will install to wintes32/grpdata
  • Existing group and sector ticker files will not be overwritten
  • The list file SP500 will be overwritten with the updated version
  • If you do not want your current SP500 list overwritten do not install this update

Click on the download button. The download will begin shortly.

– In Internet Explorer we suggest you save the file to your system

– In Google Chrome the file saves automatically

– In Firefox select save

By saving the file, the install will be available for you to use at a later date or backup. Once the file has finished downloading, make sure all WinWay applications are closed, then locate the install file SP500GS.exe, it will be in your downloads folder, or you can search for the file name. One you allow the file to run you’ll see this WinZip screen appear. Click OK . From the Self-Extractor screen select Setup. Click on Next and the install will begin. At the end of the install your Master Ticker List will rebuild. Once the install is finished your new group and sectors will update automatically when you download your nightly data.

Here’s what the new SP500 looks like

In TradingExpert Charts In TradingExpert Data Manager