WinWay TradingExpert Pro

30-day no-obligation trial Updating Data Subscription with first month fee of $1

LOW PRICE platform for end-of-day trading

Unique TradingExpert Pro features in bold

  • Configured with Darren’s custom indicators
  • Darren’s Strategies
  • Darren’s custom scans
  • UK and US markets
  • Intraday updates
  • State-of-the-art end-of-day charts
  • Intraday Snapshot
  • Over 70 built-in indicators
  • Build Your own Indicators
  • Advanced drawing tools
  • Unique Group/Sector analysis
  • 200 built-in Reports
  • Strategy creation, testing & alerts
  • Build your own Reports
  • Hundreds of backtested Trading Strategies
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Market Timing
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Stock Signals
  • Portfolio Simulation Tool
  • Matchmaker Correlation Tool

It’s been over 10 years since we first built the WinWayCharts platform for Darren. It’s still packed full of all the features you’d expect from a premier analysis platform for traders and of course all the unique features Darren requested. Hundreds of Darren’s clients have used the platform to become better traders.

How does WinWayCharts TradingExpert Pro stack up against Browser-based Charts?

Click here to see a side-by-side comparison of WinWayCharts compared to major browser-based charting applications

We’ve been listening

The most common request you have asked for is a straightforward end-of-day analysis platform that you can use to analyse and make trading decisions in 20 to 30 minutes a day. Just like Darren does in his Apprentice Program! AND at a reasonable price. After several months of development, we have created a new product to meet this need and at a VERY reasonable price.

The new WinWayCharts TradingExpert Pro

The best trading analysis package for traders and investors

We all lead busy lives and besides who wants to sit in front of a trading screen all day? TradingExpert Pro is WinWay’s premium end-of-day (EOD) package, designed for traders and investors to make all their analysis decisions after the markets shut or before they open the next day.

Forget the talking heads, the financial news channels, and the self-appointed gurus. 20 – 30 minutes a day is all it takes. TradingExpert Pro makes it easy with its one-click download and report generator.

Benefits of Windows PCs – Optimized for Extensive Trading Platforms

From – “The main advantage that a Windows PC has over a Mac is that it is compatible with almost all the top trading programs. However, it is possible to bypass the apparent limitation with a Mac by running Windows alongside the native OS. But still, a Windows PC does keep its edge over a Mac when it comes to running such programs.”

From – “Without any doubt, Windows is the favored operating system for trading activities since most trading platforms and applications are available only on Windows.”

Build confidence with our all-in-one tools

The key to successful trading not only lies in being a confident trader but also in having confidence in the tools you use to make your trading decisions. WinWay TradingExpert Pro offers all levels of traders and investors the most comprehensive suite of tools available. Use the built-in systems or build your own, either way, traders know that like craftsmen, the tools make all the difference.

Traders join us and stay with us. With WinWay TradingExpert Pro you can join an elite group of sophisticated and dedicated traders, who have taken their trading life into their own hands. They’ve abandoned the rumour mill and the flashy sites and tools offering stunning images but little content. Instead, these traders have taken their trading future into their own hands and selected TradingExpert Pro.

What do I Get in my WinWay  TradingExpert Pro?

During the trial

You’ll get the entire WinWay TradingExpert Pro package with all the top-class features you’ve read about PLUS we’ll include Darren Winters’ custom indicators and strategies, ONLY AVAILABLE to Darren’s clients.

We’ll also provide up to 20 years of data history of data from the entire UK350 stocks arranged into groups and sectors in addition to data from the standard top 2000 tickers from the US markets. You’ll get access to all NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange stocks…..and access to UK-based support personnel.

When you subscribe

You’ll have the ability to bring the historical data up to date and then update your data daily. the Intraday Snapshot option you’ll even be able to update a snapshot of the US market during the current day. 


 first-month updating data for $1*

(updates your end-of-day data each night)

NOTE: TradingExpert Pro requires a PC with 2GB RAM running Windows 7.0 or higher. (WinWay TEP may operate on a Mac running Windows 10 under Parallels v 15 or higher or other current Windows emulation software, although this environment is not supported on ARM chipsets)

  • After 30 days price reverts to $99/mo. + VAT where applicable unless canceled by e-mailing

State-of-the-art Charting

State-of-the-art Charting

System Design and Trade Management

System Design and Trade Management

Built-in Reports

Built-in Reports