Activate your TradingExpert service

You need to have the software installed. If you haven’t already downloaded the FREE trial, please do so here for TradingExpert. This is the complete software you’ll require for both the trial and the subscription.

Plans and Pricing information is available here

How do I enter my Dial/Data credentials?

​You’ll receive your credentials in an e-mail, the instructions are in the e-mail and are are also included below.

  1. Launch the WinWay TradingExpert Pro Main Menu icon from your WinWay TradingExpert Pro program folder
  2. Select the Comm icon
  3. Click on the Setup Options tab and then on the Setup button adjacent to Service Dial/Data
  4. Enter your user ID and password from the credentials e-mail and click OK. Enter your password again to confirm. You are now ready to download data from Dial/Data. You’ll be able to receive Intraday Snapshot automatically when you download during US market hours.  End of day closing data is usually available after 8pm US Eastern Time.

How often is the Intraday Snapshot data updated?

  • ​During US market hours a snapshot of pricing is taken and available with 35-40 minute delay. All US stocks are available
  • You can download several times during a trading day and receive the most recent delayed data snapshot into end of day Charts
  • You can also update the Groups/Sectors, Reports, Portfolio Manager and EDS Strategies
  • ​​The Intraday Snapshot is particularly useful when downloading in the last hour of trading as you have an opportunity to undertake end of day analysis with the vast majority of the day’s trading data and place trades before the market closes. ​
  • This delayed data on all US stocks can be downloaded and appended to your end of day data files during market hours. The system uses the Market Times (preset to UK equivalent times for US markets) above to determine when a download is considered intraday
  • Downloading outside the market hours ensures the closing prices for a day overwrite the intraday. Removing the checkmark is not required to get closing prices. ​​


My download connects and disconnects several times/limit exceeded

You may have a number of stocks that have ceased trading and the download continues to request these. This can be fixed by going to Data Manager, Utilities, Delete/Inactivate Non-Trading Stocks.

Why is the Currency data considered indicative

The currency pair pricing data takes a snapshot with a close taken as the end of the day New York time. the data is rounded to 3 decimal places rather than 4 used for live trading. The indicative pricing is useful for performing analysis and other scanning within your TradingExpert Pro.

How do I add additional currency pairs?

There are 3200 indicative currency pairs available. The full list in Excel format is available here. To add a currency pair, you’ll need go to your Data Manager.

  • Go to the Data Manager
  • From the menu, Ticker, New
  • Put in the currency ticker minus the -c so for example enter GBPNOK, type is stock, click OK
  • In New Ticker in the alias field put the same ticker but add -c, GBPNOK-c click OK

On the next download of data you’ll receive data on the pair.

How do I add esignal/IDC Datafeed credentials 

When you sign up for your eSignal/IDC data service, you receive credentials to put in the WinWay TradingExpert End of Day from DataFeed, 3-5 days after the acknowledgement e-mail from eSignal. These credentials allow you to download end of day data to update your locally stored ticker data.