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Darren Winters started The Wealth Training Company in 2000. Since that time it has been growing rapidly and is now the market leader in the UK (and Europe) for stock market training. Darren Winters and The Wealth Training  Company have successfully trained more people to invest than any other stock market training company in Britain.

It has been the No 1 choice for over 165,000 people in the UK and also attracted clients from abroad. It has maintained its number one position by providing very high quality training courses that teach easy to follow and easy to apply investment strategies. This has resulted in 1000’s of graduate success stories and testimonials, with happy clients then referring friends and family.

To meet the growing needs of its clients, Wealth Training has developed WinWay TradingExpert a trading support and analysis package which has become Darren’s preferred trading software; it is configured to Darren’s precise trading requirements and specifications and you will not find this software anywhere else. Only WinWay TradingExpert provides all the tools a trader could ever need, under one roof!


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A Glut of Energy Insider Buyers

Everyone hates the energy sector (Foreshadowing alert: Well, almost everyone).  And a quick perusal of Figure 1 clearly illustrates why the energy sector is unloved. Figure 1 – Ticker XLE versus ticker QQQ (Courtesy TradingExpert) Since ticker XLE (Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF) topped out in 2014: *XLE has lost -65% *QQQ has gained +210% And in another kick in the head to the energy sector, Exxon (ticker XOM) was just kicked out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  Take that, losers! So yeah, who wouldn’t hate energy stocks and decide to shun them?  Well, as it turns out, the answer to that question of late is “the people who know the energy business the best.” Figure 2 from displays the Insider Buy/Sell ratio for executives and other muckety-mucks running energy related corporations.  The picture speaks for itself. Figure 2 – Energy Insider Buy/Sell Ratio (Courtesy As you can see, energy corporate insiders have been on a massive buying binge of late.  Interestingly, they went on a buying binge in 2019 – apparently expecting an improvement in the sector – then the sector got waylaid by Covid-19.  Instead of bailing out the insiders really kicked their share buying into overdrive as you can see at the far right of Figure 2. Figure 3 displays ticker XLE with an indicator that I developed by simply smoothing Larry Williams VixFix indicator.  The gist of the idea, is that when this indicator reaches an extreme high level and then turns down, it often highlights a “washed out” situation which may be followed by a bullish move.  Ticker XLE is presently nearing that point.  EDITTORS NOTE: VixFix...

Quick Market update video

The Expert System in TradingExpert Pro gave a 1 – 99 down signal on the Dow Jones on 8-27-20. The market internals based on the advancing vs declining issue in the New York market continue to diverge from the market price action. The phase indicator used to confirm Expert Ratings turned down on 8-31-20. We usually look for a phase confirmation of an Expert Rating to occur within 3 days of the rating. The changes made in the constituents of the Dow 30 effective 8-31-20 replaced Exxon Mobil, Amgen replacedd Pfizer and Honeywell replaced Raytheon Technologies. The changes were due to Apple’s 4-for-1 stock split, which significantly reduced the indexes exposure to the information technology sector. The Dow 30 is a price weighted...

Whither Apple?

OK, first off a true confession.  I hate it when some wise acre analyst acts like they are so smart and that everyone else is an idiot.  Its offensive and off-putting – not to mention arrogant.  And still in this case, all I can say is “Hi, my name is Jay.” A lot of attention has been paid lately to the fact that AAPL is essentially swallowing up the whole world in terms of market capitalization.  As you can see in Figure 1, no single S&P 500 Index stock has ever had a higher market cap relative to the market cap of the entire Russell 2000 small-cap index. Figure 1 – Largest S&P 500 Index stock as a % of entire Russell 200 Index (Courtesy So of course, the easiest thing in the world to do is to be an offensive, off-putting and arrogant wise acre and say “Well, this can’t last.”  There, I said it.  With the caveat that I have no idea how far AAPL can run “before the deluge”, as a student of (more) market history (than I care to admit) I cannot ignore this gnawing feeling that this eventually “ends badly.”  Of course, I have been wrong plenty of times before and maybe things (Offensive, Off-Putting and Arrogant Trigger Warning!) “really will be different this time around.”  To get a sense of why I bring this all up, please keep reading. In Figure 1 we also see some previous instances of a stock becoming “really large” in terms of market cap.  Let’s take a closer look at these instances. IBM – 1979 Figure 2 –...