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WinWay TradingExpert

Darren Winters started The Wealth Training Company in 2000. Since that time it has been growing rapidly and is now the market leader in the UK (and Europe) for stock market training. Darren Winters and The Wealth Training  Company have successfully trained more people to invest than any other stock market training company in Britain.

It has been the No 1 choice for over 165,000 people in the UK and also attracted clients from abroad. It has maintained its number one position by providing very high quality training courses that teach easy to follow and easy to apply investment strategies. This has resulted in 1000’s of graduate success stories and testimonials, with happy clients then referring friends and family.

To meet the growing needs of its clients, Wealth Training has developed WinWay TradingExpert a trading support and analysis package which has become Darren’s preferred trading software; it is configured to Darren’s precise trading requirements and specifications and you will not find this software anywhere else. Only WinWay TradingExpert provides all the tools a trader could ever need, under one roof!


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Rate Of Change With Bands

The EDS code based on Vitali Apirine’s article in the March issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine “Rate Of Change With Bands,” can be obtained by copying the below into a new  WinWayCharts EDS file, saving the file and adding EDS custom indicators on your Charts !Rate Of Change With Bands !Author: Vitali Aprine, TASC Mar 2021 !Coded by: Rich Denning, 01/11/2021 !INPUTS: rocLen is 12. emaLen is 3. smaLen is 12. C is [close]. ROC is (C - valresult(C,rocLen)) / valresult(C,rocLen)*100. smaSqr is simpleavg(ROC*ROC,smaLen). ROCdev is sqrt(smaSqr). emaROC is expavg(ROC,emaLen). upROCB is ROCdev. dnROCB is - ROCdev. Code for the ROCB indicator is set up in the EDScode file. Figure 10 shows the indicators on a chart of Apple Inc. (AAPL). The red line in the first panel is the upper ROC band and the green line is the smoothed ROC. In the lower panel, the red line is the lower ROC band and the green line is the smoothed ROC. FIGURE 10:  The ROCB indicators are shown on a chart of Apple Inc. (AAPL). The red line in the first panel is the upper ROC band and the green line is the smoothed ROC. In the lower panel, the red line is the lower ROC band and the green line is the smoothed ROC. —Richard Denning for AIQ...

Detecting High-Volume Breakouts

The importable  EDS file based on Markos Katsanos’ article in the April issue of Stocks & Commodities, “Detecting High-Volume Breakouts,” can be obtained on request via email to Excerpt “Is there anything more satisfying for a trader than capturing a huge breakout? The usual practice for breakout entries is to simply buy new highs. This method, when used in isolation, will often result in false breakouts. It is, therefore, better to wait for volume confirmation before entering the trade, as high-volume breakouts usually last much longer. In this article, I will show you how to detect breakouts using only volume, sometimes even before price breaks out, by introducing a new volume breakout indicator. “ The code is also available here: !Detecting High-Volume Breakouts !Author: Markos Katsanos, TASC April 2021 !Coded by: Richard Denning, 02/18/2021 !INPUTS: period is 30. smoLen is 3. vpnCrit is 10. maLen is 30. V is [volume]. !FORMULAS: MAVol is simpleavg(V,period). MAV is iff(MAVol>0,MAVol,1). Avg is ([High]+[Low]+[Close])/3. MF is Avg - valresult(Avg,1). ATR is simpleavg(max( [high]-[low],max(val([close],1)-[low],[high]-val([close],1))),period). MC is 0.1*ATR. VMP is iff(MF > MC, V, 0). VP is sum(VMP,period). VMN is iff(MF < -MC, V, 0). VN is sum(VMN,period). EDSPN is (expavg(((VP - VN) / MAV / period),smoLen))*100. MAVPN is simpleavg(VPN,maLen). Code for the VPN indicator is set up in the EDS code file. Figure 9 shows the indicator on a chart of Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA). FIGURE 9: AIQ. The VPN indicator is shown on a chart of Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA). —Richard Denning for AIQ...

New updated Market Chart Ticker

With the price of the Dow Jones 30 (ticker INDU) in your WinWayCharts reaching beyond 32760,  your Market Chart may be experiencing a spike in Charts. A new updated file for INDU is now available for you at Close all open WinWayCharts programs.  Click the link above and Save INDU.dta to c:\wintes32\tdata, say yes when asked to overwrite.  Once done, open Data Manager, click on Utilities, Rebuild Master Ticker List. If have any questions please contact Support TECH NOTE The error is due to the theoretical maximum length of an environment variable is around 32,760...