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  • Spread bet 60%
  • Option Traders 48%
  • ETF traders 71%

WinWay TradingExpert

Darren Winters started The Wealth Training Company in 2000. Since that time it has been growing rapidly and is now the market leader in the UK (and Europe) for stock market training. Darren Winters and The Wealth Training  Company have successfully trained more people to invest than any other stock market training company in Britain.

It has been the No 1 choice for over 165,000 people in the UK and also attracted clients from abroad. It has maintained its number one position by providing very high quality training courses that teach easy to follow and easy to apply investment strategies. This has resulted in 1000’s of graduate success stories and testimonials, with happy clients then referring friends and family.

To meet the growing needs of its clients, Wealth Training has developed WinWay TradingExpert a trading support and analysis package which has become Darren’s preferred trading software; it is configured to Darren’s precise trading requirements and specifications and you will not find this software anywhere else. Only WinWay TradingExpert provides all the tools a trader could ever need, under one roof!


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Join us for a special FREE WinWayCharts webinar – July 2, 2020

Yet more Power tools in your WinWayCharts plus a session on why you should use color studies in Charts Thursday July 2, 2020 at 14:00 – 15:45 Part 1. Power tools in your WinWayCharts An hour long session with UK Director Ray Foreman covering the power features in your WinWayCharts platform – great for new clients or those with more experience.   Part 2. Why you should use color studies in Charts Steve Hill, founder of WinWayCharts will guide you through the powerful color studies tool in Charts and how you can take the indicators you already use and make them show signals on the price charts.   Join Ray Foreman and Steve Hill of WinWayCharts Thursday July 2, 2020 14:00 – 16:00 BST Register me for this FREE webinar We look forward to having you join us. The WinWayCharts Team Questions? Call 0207 749 2205 or...

AIQ Market Timing update 6-28-20

This video on the Market Timing signals in AIQ is also applicable for our WinWayCharts TradingExpert Market Timing. Check it out. Market volatility continues. In this update we’ll take a look at the current AI signals on the Dow Jones. For folks less familiar with our AI engine here’s a recap of what we do. TradingExpert Pro uses two AI knowledge bases, one specifically designed to issue market timing signals and the other designed to issue stock timing signals. Each contains approximately 400 rules, but only a few “fire” on any given day.  In the language of expert systems, those rules that are found to be valid on a particular day are described as having “fired”. Rules can fire in opposite directions.  When this happens, the bullish and bearish rules fight it out.  It’s only when bullish rules dominate that the Expert Rating signal is bullish, or when bearish rules dominate that the Expert Rating signal is bearish. The Expert Rating consists of two values. The upside rating is the value on the left and the downside rating is on the right.  Expert Ratings are based on a scale of 0 to 100.  An Expert Rating of 95 to 100 is considered a strong signal that the Stock or market may change direction. An Expert Rating below 90 is considered meaningless.  A low rating means that there is not enough consistency in the rules that fired to translate to a signal.  The expert system has not found enough evidence to warrant a change from the last strong signal....

Market Fibonacci level video

In this short video Steve Hill, founder of WinWayCharts talks about Fibonacci Retracements on the current market rally and comparisons to the 2008 and 1974 markets. PLUS a quick look at market breath and some S&P 500 group action....