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Darren Winters started The Wealth Training Company in 2000. Since that time it has been growing rapidly and is now the market leader in the UK (and Europe) for stock market training. Darren Winters and The Wealth Training  Company have successfully trained more people to invest than any other stock market training company in Britain.

It has been the No 1 choice for over 165,000 people in the UK and also attracted clients from abroad. It has maintained its number one position by providing very high quality training courses that teach easy to follow and easy to apply investment strategies. This has resulted in 1000’s of graduate success stories and testimonials, with happy clients then referring friends and family.

To meet the growing needs of its clients, Wealth Training has developed WinWay TradingExpert a trading support and analysis package which has become Darren’s preferred trading software; it is configured to Darren’s precise trading requirements and specifications and you will not find this software anywhere else. Only WinWay TradingExpert provides all the tools a trader could ever need, under one roof!


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John Ehlers’ Every Little Bit Helps

Averaging The Open And Close To Reduce Noise The importable  EDS file based on John Ehlers’ article in the March 2023 issue of Stocks & Commodities, “Every Little Bit Helps,” can be obtained on request via John notes ‘It’s simple but makes a noticeable improvement: You can reduce noise in the data by using an average of the open and close instead of using only the closing price.’ The code is also available below. !Every Little Bit Helps !Author: John F. Ehlers, TASC Mar 2023 !Coded by: Richard Denning, 1/12/2023 !Data Sampling Test !(c) John Ehlers 2022 !INPUTS: W1 is 14. !Wilder RSI length W2 is 14. !Ehlers RSI length !RSI Wilder code: U is [close]-val([close],1). D is val([close],1)-[close]. L1 is 2 * W1 – 1. AvgU is ExpAvg(iff(U>0,U,0),L1). AvgD is ExpAvg(iff(D>=0,D,0),L1). RSIwilder is 100-(100/(1+(AvgU/AvgD))). !Ehlers RSI code: OCavg is ([open] + [close])/2. Uoc is OCavg-valresult(OCavg,1). Doc is valresult(OCavg,1)-OCavg. L2 is 2 * W2 – 1. AvgU2 is ExpAvg(iff(Uoc>0,Uoc,0),L2). AvgD2 is ExpAvg(iff(Doc>=0,Doc,0),L2). RSIoc is 100-(100/(1+(AvgU2/AvgD2))). !CTest is RSIwilder. !OCTest is RSIoc. BuyRSIwilder if RSIwilder < 20 and valrule(RSIwilder >= 20,1). ExitRSIwilder if RSIwilder > 80 or {Position days}>=20. BuyRSIoc if RSIoc < 20 and valrule(RSIoc >= 20,1). ExitRSIoc if RSIoc > 80 or {Position days}>=20. Code for the author’s indicators are set up in the EDS code file. Figure 7 shows the EDS module backtest results using the RSI original indicator. Figure 8 shows the EDS module backtest results using the modified version of the RSI indicator over a 10-year period using NASDAQ 100 stocks. The comparison suggests that some of the metrics improve using the modified version...

An Adaptive Moving Average For Swing Trading

The importable  EDS file based on Scott Cong’s article in the May 2023 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine, “An Adaptive Moving Average For Swing Trading,” can be obtained on request via In this article, Scott proposes a new adaptive moving average (AMA). It adjusts its parameters automatically according to the volatility of market, tracking price closely in trending movement, and staying flat in congestion areas. The new AMA is well-suited for swing trading. The code is also available below. Code for the author’s indicator as shown below is set up in the downloadable EDS code file. !ADAPTIVE MOVING AVERAGE FOR SWING TRADING !Author: Scott Cong, TASC May 2023 !Coded by: Richard Denning, 03/14/2023 !INPUTS: Len is 20. !CODING ABREVIATIONS: H is [high]. L is [low]. C is [close]. C1 is val([close],1). TR is Max(H-L,max(abs(C1-L),abs(C1-H))). Effort is sum(TR,Len). Result is highresult(H,Len) – lowresult(L,Len). alpha is Result / Effort. beta is 1 – alpha. DaysInto is ReportDate() – RuleDate(). Stop if DaysInto > Len*2. stopAMA is iff(stop,C, AMA). AMA is alpha * [close] + beta * valresult( stopAMA, 1). ESA is expavg(C,Len). The figure below shows a chart of Broadcom (AVGO) along with the AMA[20] indicator (the red jagged line) and an exponential moving average indicator [20] (the green smooth...

Getting Started Right with WinWayCharts + Developing a Mindset for Trading

Thank you for attending the May 24, 2023 webinar. If you missed this Zoom event, don’t worry, the recording is now available from the link at the end of this e-mail. (FYI it expires on June 6, 2023). In this hour-long session, Ray Foreman, UK Director of WinWayCharts covered; Getting Started Right with WinWayCharts – Making the Most of Your WinWayCharts – An hour-long session with UK Director Ray Foreman covering the power features in your WinWayCharts platform – great for new clients and those getting started. Developing a Mindset for Trading – An hour-long session with Steve hill, founder of Winwaycharts. In this session, Steve will reveal the key mindful factors that contribute to successful trading. Here’s the recording link Want to try WinWayTradingExpert Pro – try us for $1 Activate to view larger...