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Darren Winters started The Wealth Training Company in 2000. Since that time it has been growing rapidly and is now the market leader in the UK (and Europe) for stock market training. Darren Winters and The Wealth Training  Company have successfully trained more people to invest than any other stock market training company in Britain.

It has been the No 1 choice for over 165,000 people in the UK and also attracted clients from abroad. It has maintained its number one position by providing very high quality training courses that teach easy to follow and easy to apply investment strategies. This has resulted in 1000’s of graduate success stories and testimonials, with happy clients then referring friends and family.

To meet the growing needs of its clients, Wealth Training has developed WinWay TradingExpert a trading support and analysis package which has become Darren’s preferred trading software; it is configured to Darren’s precise trading requirements and specifications and you will not find this software anywhere else. Only WinWay TradingExpert provides all the tools a trader could ever need, under one roof!


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ProShares Leveraged ETFs – Sectors Long and Short

There are many ETF families in the market today, and of course, the oldest and most popular ETF, SPY has been around since 1993. Ultra ProShares Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) developed by Profunds and traded on the AMEX. are one of the most actively traded areas of the markets. With $billions pouring into the UltraShort QQQ ETF, QID, it’s evident that it’s become one of the most actively traded ETFs globally. Whether you’re a trader or investor, these Ultra ETFs serve as valuable tools capable of enhancing returns while mitigating risks. Ultra bullish and UltraShort ETFs on broad market indices expanded some years ago to include leveraged bullish and bearish Sector and International ETFs. These additions enable investors to hedge or amplify sector exposure effortlessly. Moreover, these Ultra and UltraShort ETFs are compatible with IRAs or retirement accounts, where shorting or margin trading is typically restricted.   From a trader’s perspective, the liquidity and leverage of Ultra Bullish and UltraShort ETFs, which move two times the underlying index or inversely track it, offer a simpler and less risky alternative to options, futures, or shorting stocks. For day traders, the highly liquid QQQ ETFs, QLD and QID, along with S&P500 ETFs, SDS and SSO, have become favored vehicles. The volatility of these ETFs presents opportunities for swift gains. For investors and portfolio managers, ProShares ETFs offer a plethora of risk management tactics and asset allocation strategies. They provide flexibility to hedge against market risk or capitalize on market fluctuations. Furthermore, leveraging Ultra ETFs in asset allocation frees up capital for further diversification, allowing for strategic positioning across various sectors and...

2 FREE webinars in April 2024

Getting Started Right with WinWayCharts Apr 10, 2024, 4:00 – 5:00 pm London Making the Most of Your WinWayCharts – An hour-long session with UK Director Ray Foreman covering the power features in your WinWayCharts platform – great for new clients and those getting started. Getting Started Right with WinWayChartsMastering Support and Resistance Levels in Trading; Not Every Peak and Trough Qualifies Apr 24, 2024, 4:00 – 6:00 pm London Making the Most of Your WinWayCharts – An hour-long session with UK Director Ray Foreman covering the power features in your WinWayCharts platform – great for new clients and those getting started. Support and resistance levels are well-known concepts in technical analysis that help traders identify key price levels for making informed trading decisions. In this session, Steve Hill, CEO of AIQ Systems will guide you through the key characteristics of support and resistance; not every peak and trough...

Utilizing Relative Strength for ETF Sector Rotation

WinWayCharts pre-built Relative Strength report offers a valuable tool for those seeking to capitalize on sector rotation. By shifting the focus to ETFS and cloning the report as closely as possible in the AIQ Expert Design Studio, we gain the ability to apply additional screening criteria. This adds a layer of flexibility, that can achieve significant market outperformance. . Through WinWayCharts Expert Design Studio (EDS) program, users gain the freedom to create their personalized screening techniques. The approach we aim for is to utilize an EDS model that seeks out high relative strength. To refresh your memory, the short-term Relative Strength report considers the last 120 trading days, divides this period into quarters, and then calculates the average percent change for each quarter with a heavier weight on the most recent quarter. Here’s the EDS code: RelativeStrength is 0.4Period1+ 0.2Period2 + 0.2Period3 +0.2Period4. Description is Description(). RSvalue5daysback is valresult(RelativeStrength,5). Perchangeweekago is ((RelativeStrength – RSvalue5daysback)/RSvalue5daysback)*100. ! change is Perchangeweekago. good if 1. Using this code, an EDS report can be generated to rank ETF sectors from strongest to weakest. While investing in high relative strength sectors can be effective, some individuals might feel uneasy about buying when prices are already high. Often, they regret not entering the market earlier upon seeing a high RS sector. For those preferring to enter a trend earlier, we can integrate a new screening into our EDS report. We’ve discovered that monitoring the weekly change in RS ranking is valuable for determining whether a sector is gaining or losing momentum. Relative Strength serves as the primary screening metric, where the objective is to hold positions that appear...