AI Market Signals update through 1-22-24

In this video I’ve covered the last 6 months of up and down Market ratings generated by the Artificial Intelligence system in our TradingExpert Pro analysis platform.


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6 in-depth videos

Video 1 – Darren’s Indicators

(56 Minutes).
Case Studies Of Some Of Darren’s Favourite Indicators Focusing On How Each Can Be Used As A Part Of Your Overall Stock Selection Strategy. Stoch12 WinWay, RSi WInWay And MACD WinWay Will Be Covered.

Video 2 – Sector Rotation Overview

(18 Minutes).
The Concept Of Market Sector Rotation Is Widely Accepted. Certain Segments Of The Market Are In Favour During Bull, Bear Market Topping, And Market Bottoming Phases.

Video 3 – Leverage Sector Rotation

(52 Minutes).
We’ll Use WinWayCharts Sector Tools Both To Help Determine Market Direction And To Make Stock Trading Decisions.

 Video 4 – Mind Over Markets

(33 Minutes).
In This Session, We’ll Give You The Checklist Of Must-Do’s Required To Trade Successfully And Show You How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of An Undisciplined Trader.

Video 5 – Finding Long And Short ETFs

(18 Minutes).
Using Various Tools And Scans In WinWayCharts You’ll Learn How To Find ETFs In Different Market Segments Both Long And Short. There Are ETFs For Each Sector Of The Market And For Markets Themselves. These Are Often Available On The Long And Short Side Of The Market Or Segment. Less Risky Than Stocks And Yet Still Providing Good Liquidity They Are The Darlings Of The Stock Market.

Session 6 – Live Analysis And Trading

(56 Minutes).
WinWayCharts Putting It All Together This Was a Live Analysis Session Looking For Trading Candidates, Confirming Our Selections With Darren’s Indicators, And Placing Trades And Stops In A Real Trading Account.


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