Learn 7 key WinWayCharts Technical Skills Essential to trading success

Full day seminar presented by the founder of WinWayCharts

POSTPONED  April 28, 2020 – Wealth Training, Bermondsey London

Designed to unlock the full power of your WinWayCharts,

Darren Winters preferred trading software_


 Message from Steve Hill, founder WinWayCharts

New to WinWayCharts or a veteran looking for a refresher, this seminar is for you. We’ll be covering in detail the application of Darren Winters indicators and strategies within the trading software and taking you through some of the powerful tools that will make your analysis easier and save you time.


You’ll come away with these key skills of a successful trader

    • How to analyze a market and spot patterns and trends, using our Market Timing tools in WInWayCharts
    • When to focus less on the profit to be made, and more on taking the right action at the right time. Focusing on the market and the trade, ensuring you make objective trading decisions in each situation
    • How to make the strategies and trading tactics you’ve already learnt your own It’s important that you have your own individual trading style and trading edge, Darren’s shown you the indicators, WinWayCharts makes them yours
    • The key ingredients of the market you need to continually monitor for indications that the market is changing or forming a new pattern. You’ll master WinWayCharts Market Breadth and Market Summary
    • How to practice good risk management and money management.using stop-loss orders and never risk too much on any one trade.
    • One of the most common mistakes of losing traders is trading when the market isn’t presenting any genuine profit opportunities. You’ll learn how to master discipline and patience and know when to walk away from a trading day after you’ve completed you analysis using your WInWayCharts

April 28, 2020 at Wealth Training offices full day seminar using  WinWayCharts

Darren Winters preferred trading software

We really don’t care if the market goes up or down. With the right tools, used the right way, there are always opportunities to make money trading stocks.

In this full-day seminar, Steve Hill, founder of WInWayCharts, will start at the top with the powerful Market Analysis tools, Sector Rotation and Stock Selection, plus he’ll recap technical indicators that Darren uses and reveal additional built-in Reports that are essential for making good trading decisions.

All of this will build up to developing a trading strategy that suits your trading style. Finally he’ll take you through trade execution and trade management with live market action and trades. With this traders blueprint, you’ll have the tools you need to develop a structured and consistent trading strategy.

Our commitment to you

We always prefer to host a smaller group of clients in order to provide the highest level of training. Your instructors have a combined experience of over 60 years in the stock markets. In addition to the 7 WinWayCharts technical skills, you’ll see analysis using WinWayCharts used in conjunction with a live trading account, not paper money. You’ll need to be on your toes for this seminar. Every session is designed to enhance your current trading skill and take you to the next logical step as a trader.

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