Using WinWayCharts to maximize your trading returns

Full day seminar presented by the founder of WinWayCharts


October  30th, 2019 – Wealth Training, Bermondsey London

Designed to unlock the full power of your WinWayCharts,

Darren Winters preferred trading software

and help you develop an effective trading strategy that’s built with you in mind



In this video from WinWayCharts Autumn 2017 seminar in London, Steve Hill shows some of the Stock Selection process and using the MACD indicator._

Now more than ever every investor and trader needs a full battle chest of tools at his command. 

Tools that give you a huge advantage when making trading decisions. With the powerful tools that WinWayCharts provide you can make trading and investment decisions with confidence and with the help of WinWayCharts we’ll put together a trading strategy that can give you the confidence to not only place trades, but know that the trades you place have a higher probability of being winners.

 Darren’s indicators and strategies

PLUS bonus session on the built-in Reports that are goldmines


Steve Hill, is the founder and President of WinWay Charts, Darren Winters preferred trading software. A native Londoner, Steve has over 25 years experience as both a trading analysis software developer and educator. He has trained countless clients in the disciplined analysis and trading mindset necessary to successfully trade in today’s markets.

Using WinWayCharts, Steve will leverage the knowledge you’ve gained from Darren’s sessions with a recap of  some of the indicators and scans, and then build on this foundation to create a consistent and repeatable trading analysis using Reports.


Finally he’ll take you through trade execution and trade management with live market action and trades. With this WinWayCharts blueprint, you’ll have the tools you need to take your trading efficiency to a new level.


WinWayCharts founder in London just for this seminar

Those of you have had an opportunity to spend time with Steve at sessions in Wealth Training offices in Bermondsey or at apprentice sessions in Guernsey will appreciate his broad and in-depth knowledge and experience in trading analysis. You’ll need to be on your toes for this seminar. Every session is designed to enhance your current trading skill and take you to the next logical step as a trader.

Just some of the topics covered in this action-packed day include:

  • Market Timing – a thorough breakdown of WinWayCharts Market Timing and how to use it effectively
  • Sector Rotation – Tools for identifying leading and lagging sectors and how to maximize your investments
  • Technical indicators you have in WinWayCharts that every trader and investor must use
  • Reports in your WinWayCharts that can save you time and make you money
  •  Steve’s live trading account, Establishing positions, portfolio management of established positions, exiting positions


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