Unlocking the power of your WinWayCharts

October 22, 2020 15:00 - 19:00 London time

Unlocking the power of your WinWayCharts

Full half day webinar – 4 hours  

October 22, 2020 15.00 – 19:00 pm London time

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With 6 sessions, we’ll cover all the in-depth features analysis and practical application of your WinWayCharts. You’ll be familiar with some of the features and learn how to apply others to your trading.

  • Reports in Action
  • Expert Design Studio
  • Group/Sector Rotation
  • Stock Selection Techniques
  • Market Truths
  • Chart Pattern Recognition


Part 1. Reports – these built-in Reports generate great candidate stocks 

Covers the practical application of some of the built-in Reports in your WinWayCharts. You’ll be familiar with some of the features and learn how to apply others to your trading.

  • Relative Strength – Many investors like to buy into a trend and ride that trend higher. The report is generated in two versions. The first version lists stocks showing the greatest relative strength for a Short Term time period. The second version lists stocks showing the greatest relative strength on a Long Term basis. Learn how to use this as part of your trading
  • Price Volume Divergence – Discover how this important early signs can help you make successful trading decisions. Positive divergence occurs when the price of a security moves lower at the same time that the security’s technical indicators move higher. Since the indicators often lead price action, a positive divergence is a bullish sign. The opposite is true for a negative divergence
  • Volume Spike – A volume spike occurs when volume on a particular day is well above the normal range. This often happens when there is a big news event, if corporate insiders undertake heavy buying or selling of shares, or if a large investor is accumulating the stock. A volume spike does not indicate the direction of a move but it does indicate that a move may occur in the near-term. Actionable or not we’ll show you how to benefit from this report


Part 2. Expert Design Studio – stock scans on current data

Experienced professional traders and market gurus have contributed to the built-in stock scans that come with your WinWayCharts. In this session we’ll demonstrate some of these powerful strategies in action and show you how they can contribute to your trading success.

Part 3. Group/Sector Rotation 

We’ll be covering in detail the application of Groups and Sectors within the trading software and taking you through some of the powerful tools that will make your analysis easier and save you time.

  • The stock market like the economy moves in a predictable cycle from boom to bust and back again. Stock investors and traders can anticipate the next cycle using our group/sector reports and charts
  • Using WinWayCharts  Group Reports – learn to identify leading and lagging groups and sectors


Part 4. Stock Selection

  • 4 indicators/techniques in action on stock selection confirmation – MACD WinWay, RSI WinWay, Support and resistance and Moving averages
  • We’ll look at some historical charts as a group and see if we can agree on the best setups


Part 5. Market Truths

In this lighter break from our core session within WinWayCharts platform, we’ll cover some of the market truths that seasoned traders have gleaned form years of experience investing and trading. Some of these hard earned lessons will certainly make you smile. Truths like: Traders exaggerate their trading returns – People say they make money in the casinos but somehow the casinos are very profitable.  Just as with gambling, traders tend to exaggerate how well they do in the market. Money Managers when asked on TV to comment on a stock they own – “We’re long-term investors”, translation;  the stock tanked, but we are hanging on, hoping to break even.

Part 6. Chart Pattern Recognition

Everyone who trades, sees or thinks they can see a basic chart pattern. The problem with chart patterns is that they suffer from our innate bias for symmetry. We look for order to understand things around us. No chart pattern is valid unless backed up by thorough understanding of the market dynamics involved. In this session we’ll cover the 2 major types of chart patterns with examples that will help us decide what is valid and what isn’t

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