WinWay TradingExpert and Pro

Tutorial videos on major features

How do I add Datafeed credentials into WinWay TradingExpert End of Day (Paid Subscriptions only)


When you sign up for a paid eSignal/IDC data service, you receive credentials 3-5 days after the acknowledgement e-mail from eSignal. These credentials are input into WinWay TradingExpert and allow you to download end of day data to update your locally stored ticker database.

How do I make my WinWay look like Darren's?

This video shows you how to setup your WinWay TradingExpert Charts to look just like Darren Winters’ Charts.

Getting started with Charts Part 1

The first part of how to use your Charts.

Getting started with Expert Design Studio

How to use the trading system design and backtesting.

Using TradingExpert Pro the way Darren does part 1

Learn how to begin using WinWayCharts like Darren does

Getting started with Charts Part 2

More advanced features in Charts.

Getting started with RTalerts (TradingExpert Pro only)

Learn how to use the real-time alerting system.